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The barrel master of Bali, you can expect to see him anywhere in Indo where the best barrel is at. Anywhere from Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Desert Points or Pacitan, this kid loves charging big hollow tubes when it’s on. Coming from Padma, he has earned his place in Padang, winning 4th in 2017 Padang Padang Boardriders Competition and earning 1st place in 2019 riding his Pro SX2.

On the smaller days, he’d be surfing up in Canggu or down at his home break at Padma.

His go to board has been the Pro Sx2 for those hollow days and been loving the SX3 and SX5 when the waves are playful. At the moment his magic carpet is the pro sx2 in swallow tail.


Born and bred in Canggu, Sodox has developed his style of surfing where it suits him for competitions. His signature power turns combined with his air game has helped him to win a number of events. He held the number 1 position at the CSC competitions for 5 consecutive years, 2nd place in the Rusty Pro Junior Competitions in 2018 and recently won his first ever twin fin competition with our Free Spirit model held by The Lawn Canggu. Having a family now, he’s more laid back and started trying alternative boards and falling in love with them. His favourite models are the Pro Sx2 epoxy, SX6, SX8 and the Free Spirit.



Super stylish and full of positive energy, Oka is arguably one of the best longboarders in Indo. Having grown up at Batu Bolong beach, where there’s always waves everyday of the year, has made him stand out in the line up. Whether its hang tens, head stands or a classic soul arch, Oka can do it all. His go to place to surf apart from his home break is Pererenan and also Halfway Kuta. He doesn’t have any preference on the logs he rides as “every board has its own soul” so he said.


Irawan Wau, aka Ira, was born in 1991 in NIAS, home to one of the best right-handers in Indonesia. His surf style is relaxed yet powerful, with a distinct 'laid back' style in the barrel. Ira is curently living in bali, surfing most days and teaching surf lessons. Ira loves big barrels, airs and experimenting with twin fins. Ira is a family man and is happy to be teaching his 5 year old son to surf. Ira is loving riding his new custom Native shortboards, and is keen to try out many of our different models.


Team rider Choc loves to surf all types of surf craft. At the moment he is enjoying riding boards with more length such as his 7'2 Retro Cruiser. You'll more often than not find him surfing the wedgey peaks of Sandbar in Canggu, or hitting Racetracks and Outside Corner when its on.


Brazilian born Nathalya Cabral moved to Bali when she was 19, falling in love with the people, culture and the surf. Nathalya has been surfing for around 5 years, catching her first ever left hander at Old Mans in Canggu. Nathalya loves to surf spots like Kuta, Airports and Canggu on her 9’4 custom longboard. Her favorite wave of all time is Bikinis in the Mentawais, which is a perfect left hander surrounded by palm trees and crystal clear water.


Drawn by the speed and flow of twin fins, our Canggu local Jun will be out at either big oldmans, echo left or sandbar with his stylish surfing on our Free spirit or Moonzoomer. He has also recently been enjoying our SX4 model. His passion with twin fins has helped him win the 7th Annual CSC twin fin competition back in 2014. He’s also been a trusted surf guide here in Bali by a number of pro surfers including Shane Dorian and his son Jackson around Lakeys and recently taking Erin Brooks touring around Bali. His go to board when the waves get serious during the dry season has been the trusted Pro SX2.

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