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Native Surfboards was born out of a desire to create surfboards that deliver a superior experience at every surfing level . We focus a large part of our energy into developing boards tailored for beginners through to intermediate surfers . Our sponsored riders are test pilots for our pro line of boards and all rounders. At Native we are always thinking of ways our boards can be stronger, lighter and faster. 

Saxon Looker


Native was founded by a partnership between Saxon Looker and Chad Asser who both grew up in Manly in Sydney ,Australia . Saxon Looker got his start in the surfing industry in 1980 when he took over Sunshine Surfing in Manly which became the premier surf shop on the northern beaches throughout the 80s. This was an extremely rich time in the Australian surfing scene which produced 3 world campions in a very tight window ,Mewport Beaches Tom Carroll ,Manly hero Barton Lynch, and Narrabeen Damien Hardman. Currently living in Bali, Saxon has been successfully operating his Quiksilver Boardriders store in Canggu since 2014.


Chad .J. Aka CJ or Ceije

Born on the northern beaches of Sydney and growing up at Narrabeen, CJ has been surrounded by some of the worlds best surfers since an early age. CJ started playing around with shaping and making boards with his father around 1988. The passion to learn more about surfing and the development of the craft came naturally.

At the age of sixteen he entered into an extended work experience program with Simon Anderson. After finishing with Simon his passion was clear and he was lucky enough to be taken in by the Laminator glassing company owned by the Haymes family. Here he learned more and developed his skills in all areas of manufacturing & also had the opportunity to watch some world class shapers like Matt Haymes, McElroy, Schaper & Xanadu to mention a few. Following this he moved onto Energy surfboards to take a glassing position under the watchful eye of Steve Zolar. The position allowed him to refine his skills to the superior standard he holds to day.

Whilst working at Energy, a new company arose called FCS. It wasn't long until they offered CJ a research and development position which led to opening his own shaping / glassing facility with his father. This glassing facility catered to the glassing needs of many major surfboard labels in the Sydney North Coast and South Coast regions.

Around this time CJ started playing around with surfboard computer design. There were profile machines and shaping machines but nothing where you could design your own board and cut it. He was introduced to John Gillies, one of the true pioneers in this area at the time. John was working on a machine and helping to develop a program with a software developer from England. This path led CJ further into computer design, which later allowed him to get his own machine. He then Started a Machining and Design service which led to working with brilliant shapers such as Rich Pavel, Chilli, LSD, and many more.

During his career he has had the pleasure to shape for brands such as Black flys, Channel Islands, Simon Anderson, D'arcy, Tokoro, DHD, Pyzel, Lost, Santa Cruz and Voodoo.

Now after returning to Bali he has taken up the position of resident shaper / designer here at Native Surfboards. We feel lucky to have such a talented shaper under our name.

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