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An insight to our elegant longboard team rider, Nathalya Cabral.

-Where are you from?
I was born and raised in a beautiful island of Brazil called Florianópolis until I was 11 years old. I then moved to Australia with my dad for 10 years and now I’m living in tropics of Bali.

-When did you move to Bali and why?
I moved to Bali full time when I was 19 years old about 6 years ago. I absolutely fell in love with Indonesia, the people, culture, food and of course the surf !

-How long have you been surfing?
About 5 years, I got more into surfing when i moved here to Bali, and I caught my first left hander at old man’s haha I was so used to right handers as I lived on the Gold Coast.

-What surf spots are your favourite in Bali?
I love old man’s as I feel home and been going there for years! & will now get into surfing Kuta and airports as I’m moving out of Canggu, I’m excited to try our new surf spots.

-What type of boards do you like to surf?
I love to surf my 9'4 custom longboard, it has a classic design which means it is perfect for nose riding. 

-If you had to surf one wave everyday for the rest of your life what wave would it be?
I would 100% choose bikinis in Mentawais ! It’s a perfect left hander and not only that! The spot is absolutely beautiful, you're surrounded by crystal clear blue water and tropical palm trees!

Follow Nathalya on Instagram @nathalya.cabral

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