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The barrel master of Bali, you can expect to see him anywhere in Indo where the best barrel is at. Anywhere from Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Desert Points or Pacitan, this kid loves charging big hollow tubes when it’s on. Coming from Padma, he has earned his place in Padang, winning 4th in 2017 Padang Padang Boardriders Competition and earning 1st place in 2019 riding his Pro SX2.
On the smaller days, he’d be surfing up in Canggu or down at his home break at Padma.
His go to board has been the Pro Sx2 for those hollow days and been loving the SX3 and SX5 when the waves are playful. At the moment his magic carpet is the pro sx2 in swallow tail.Follow him on instagram @zombie_killerr 


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