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Our high-performance team rider specialist, Darmayasa aka Bleronk has been in the QS for a while now and is internationally recognized by the surfing media for his style and performance. His surfing footage was shared by SURFER website during the “Hangs Upon Nothing” surf movie and through his success, he has had major sponsors throughout his life. He is currently sponsored by Quiksilver since 2008, Ocean Earth and FCS fins just to name a few. He’s also managed to steal a few titles under his belt; winning the Thailand Rast Competition back in 2018, scored a wildcard from WSL during the Keramas Redbull Airborne in 2019 and winning back to back in the Halfway Kuta surfing competition in 2017 and 2018. One of the senior members of the Padma boys, apart from surfing Padma as his home break, he also loves charging barrels all over the island including Keramas, Padang, Uluwatu and Cucukan.
His current favourite boards are the Pro Sx2 epoxy, Pro SX1 and Sx7 Epoxy.
Follow him on Instagram @darmayasaronk


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